aside Malawian Christians are Stealing off the Internet

Pabwalo is back, and I couldn’t be more excited. To kick things off, I would like to proclaim that a majority of Christians in Malawi are thieves and hypocrites. Yes, you heard me, none of you Christians do good, especially when it comes to stealing files off the internet. You are all going to hell.

If I go into your computer, my dear Christian, will I not find the latest episode of Empire or some other series (“serie” is not the singular form, people!) or movie? How about the latest Lacrae, Trip Lee, Justin Bieber or any other album, do you have it? And finally, did you pay for it in some way or buy it legally?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the first two, but “No” to the last one, then I have one last question for you, my dear Christian: Doesn’t the bible say “thou shalt not steal”? I know it does. I used to be a Christian – story for another day.

Anyway, this is a form of piracy and it is legally and morally frowned upon; although you won’t get in trouble for it in Malawi. In this country, the disease usually starts where it should be cured. Things like these are best left to the conscience of the Christians themselves.

I download music, series, movies, and books all the time, but then again, I was not called on to be “light of the world”. I am an atheist and my conscious tells me Disney or Beyoncé don’t need my money because all these good Christians are doing the right thing and paying for their hard earned work. I don’t pirate software, though. I am not a monster. I draw the line  with software development because those developers are my pips.

Now ask yourself, my dear Christian: is it worth going to hell over? I am interested to hearing the reason you justify piracy (also known as file sharing in the case of downloadables) in the comments section. Otherwise, I will see you in hell (if it turns out that I am wrong about this God thing).


  1. First off, it’s spelled “conscience”. Second, I am not religious either and I’m a dev but I pirate software all the same. Before, it used to be because I couldn’t afford the software. Now, it’s mostly because there’s no easy way to make an online payment in Malawi.


    • That will be fixed. Anyway, i don’t use the “i can’t afford it excuse” anymore. I just look for an open source alternative.


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