aside Katakwe quietly checks in… the Pabwalo main cast is complete!

backWhat’s up good people!!!! Damn! its been a long time since i sat behind a laptop doing something other than pornhub. It feels good to be back amongst my invisible lovers and friends. Some of y’all missed me, some of y’all hoped i was dead, it’s all good.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to all the divas who like to hate-comment on my posts. I know that i always strike a raw nerve; well, i’m back bitches! no offense…. actually, yes offense.

So much has happened since the last Katakwe article came out. I’m loaded with content and i’m sure we’re gonna have a lotta fun. Its fair to warn you that i haven’t changed one bit. Here’s a few things that i should get off my chest right at the onset

  1. Zaka zikupita koma i’m still a Batchala.  So expect a lot of posts about my evening rides hunting for supper…. and dessert (bwandiro)… and tiana ta mabwana mu 47… and manyuchi the game changer… and going to church on sunday to see mahopu abanja
  2. I changed my car! Toyota Duet ili ndi mechanic wina wake kwa biwi for breaking. Imagine Inangosiya kulira this other day pa Chimtunda cha area 18 roundabout on my way home from Chez at 2am. It doesn’t help that i had picked a fat one at M1 center point at the time. Long story, ndizalembabe.
  3. I’m still a wide-eyed wanderer in need of help.… seriously, i can’t stop looking at ass. There are days when i knock-off from work and go straight to ma ATM a pa game complex and just look at ass. I really can’t commit to one woman with all these buns in town. Lord-ave-mercy! Forgive me if my articles seem to promote promiscuity…. actually that’s the whole point. musova.
  4. These days i have a little bit of respect for other people’s wives.… if they’re ugly. If you have a beautiful wife, the story changes. Zabwino nzatonse. If i write about screwing my neigbor’s wife… take a hard look at your own wife’s recent dip in sex drive, maybe someone’s dipping the stick while you work… who knows, you could be my neighbor!
  5. Pabwalo is merely an outlet for all the things that my eyes see. I don’t appreciate all the attempts by some of you guys to trace me just because i told the world where you get your cocaine. Ana akumatako inu, just know that this time i bought an AK.
  6. Nyasa times and friends… i think pano mwakula at least ask for permission before re-publishing my stories.

Now that we got all that out of the way, i can write knowing we’re on the same page. See you soon folks. Back to what i was doing before this…. pornhub and brazzers.

One comment

  1. Its not a real problem but next time when you write please capitalise your”i’s”. It makes it easier to read. Looking forward to more of your posts.


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