aside The Thing About Christian Jealousy Towards Atheists

The reaction of religious folk in Malawi when I tell them I am an atheist is priceless. Most people usually want to debate me, but that never ends well for them (I don’t take this shit as seriously as they do). I have made my peace with religion, and it is not for me.

Beyond the disbelief of seeing an actual atheist, I see a spark of jealousy. They envy my freedom. My freedom to think what I want. My freedom to watch the sex scenes in Game of Thrones and admire some tasteful nudity. My Freedom to wake up and sleep without having to beg for forgiveness for being made imperfect. I could go on, but you catch my drift.

Out of all the benefits that religion offers people, freedom is not one of them.

In a highly religious and superstitious society like Malawi, I have figured out that this is one of the reasons why atheists are treated with contempt. Religious folk get to feel bad about skipping church on Sunday while the atheist doesn’t. They have to live a life of being told and constantly reminded that their life is not their own (and it will never be), while the atheist bears no such burden.

I am free and they are not. And the one thing I will never forget is that as soon as the religious switch went off in my brain, I felt relief. I felt light. I felt free from the mental chains of religion and stepped out into a world where I got to celebrate and enjoy humanity.

If I am going through bad luck in my life, I don’t think it is all part of some cosmic plan (that God is punishing me). No. I get to shrug it off because I know shit happens. I get to be good because science and reason tell me it is good to be good. Not because I am afraid to go to hell or want to please a god.

This life is the only life I will ever have (for all I know), so each moment is filled with a deep appreciation of the present and why I must live it to the fullest (within reason). The religious have to be constantly reminded that their real life is the next life, were no such appreciation will ever be afforded to them. Ever.

Such thoughts can be depressing and lead to anger towards someone who they know is free of such beliefs. My sympathies go out to the religious.

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  1. Hi, I am one of those classic people who wants to debate you. I can imagine your experience in Malawi with those kinds of people that are shocked at your disbelief but have no idea why they believe what they believe. Must be comical for you. However, I am one of those who actually knows what I believe and exactly why, and I am not jealous of you in the slightest. Quite the opposite.
    I am writing this not as much for you godlessheathen89 but more for the Christians that stumble onto this post and are discouraged and/or misled.

    Firstly, I want to express my respect for you. A lot of people feel and think the way you do, but are afraid to admit it so they pretend to follow God. So big ups to you for speaking your mind. I believe in open dialogue, even though you are horribly wrong :). My prayer and hope is that you come to truly know Jesus.
    I think the root of your argument is based on your poor understanding of true faith. I’m glad you call them “religious folk” because that is in fact all they are. (Some are well meaning people who’ve just got it wrong though) People who simply practice religion will feel bad for skipping church for example because they have not performed their religious duty. The reason they feel bad is because they think their religious duty is what will please God, but it’s not. Only a transformed heart can please God. The true Christian WANTS to go to church, they KNOW their life is not their own. These things are realities not just practices.

    God gives a new nature with new desires. So in light of that, I guess you’re right, you are free. Free to practice and indulge in your current nature: sin and I’m free to practice my current nature: Righteousness (Right standing with God). It is only a burden to the person going against their nature, sort of like an apple tree desperately trying to bear mangoes.
    I really have so much to say. I would love to comment on almost everything you’ve said, on how you’re defining “humanity” and the right view of “bad luck in your life” etc. but, before this becomes even more of an essay, I think I should just comment on the bold writing coz clearly you saw it was worth emphasizing.

    Yes, science and reason can tell you it is good to be good, but cannot tell you what good is. Who’s to say?

    I find it very interesting when people rush to science to justify their disbelief though. People say “I don’t believe in God because I am a scientist” but uhm… so was Newton. The great fathers of science were mostly believers. Look at Isaac Newton, Albeit Einstein, Archimedes, Galileo, Charles Boyle, Blaise pascal. (In all fairness, Einstein didn’t confess to be Christian but he definitely believed in God.) But all the rest, Christians! Isaac Newton argued that all the elements necessary for any scientific practice are non-existent without God. No uniformity in nature, no logic and no ordered structures. Without these things, nothing can be studied. Darwin’s theory of evolution is under crisis now with the advancements in modern biology. Check out “Unlocking the mystery of intelligent design” on YouTube if you dare.
    But the atheist is okay believing that all that came from nothing. “Nothing could be more irrational than something coming from nothing” R.C. Sproul.

    But yeah anyway, it’s easy for Atheists to post these kinds of articles because you have so much to attack but very little to defend. I say this because if you were to scrutinize your own world view under the same pressure that religion receives, you will quickly realize that your world view holds no water and your apparent freedom is an illusion.

    I totally agree with the piracy thing from your other post though. It is stealing and needs to be called out for what it is. I personally don’t. I am one of those weirdos who actually buys my music and uses Netflix. However, as Christians we don’t claim to be perfect. Not justifying it but saying he that is without sin cast the first stone. Again, it comes out of your wrong understanding of true faith.


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