aside ”Youngin it”


Big daddy Bae has always preferred older women, I don’t know why but I’m thinking most of it has to do with my ego….kuzitenga u conqueror.

As such, I have always marveled at dudes who delight their sexual appetites with younger girls…for me: any vagina born 3 or more years after I did is deemed unprepared to receive the grace of Big Daddy Bae’s cock.

But ever since, I have always been curious as to what constitutes this ‘hidden gold’-what makes sixteen year olds sweet really?

So for science’s sake I decided to experiment and explore the outer fringes of paedophilia…and I knew just the right man to see:

I am friends with one of the guys who is on the regular Uncle B DJ roster….and this guy (to whom we shall simply refer to as ‘’DJ’’) is quite popular with students from a well known all-girls secondary boarding school in Ntcheu….which tingoyitchula kuti ‘’Nyoila’’.

Hence I called up DJ and asked for his spiritual guidance, to which he replied enthusiastically:

‘’izo nde osadanda biggest boss!! Ma link nde ndi osayamba, mukufuna ka ntundu wanji?’’

I proceeded to direct him that I would not feel comfortable with anyone not past the legal age limit (18) and that at least ndimangofuna an agreeable face and asakhale wonunkha.

DJ confirmed that he had someone in mind, then I told him to set plans in motions kuti Saturday ya week imeneyo zitheke.

Later on during that week he called me to ratify that all was set (he had secured two girls)and we were good for Saturday.

That Saturday I linked up with DJ and we went over our game plan:

This was going to be an ‘away fixture’ we planned to take the girls to Balaka(since we didn’t want to risk being seen around Ntcheu  with them) and to return with them before 5 (since they had taken day-exits from the school and 5 o’clock was the curfew…anawanamiza a boarding mistress kuti akukamatisa mano ku Andiamo)

We had borrowed a car from a friend for the quest, and at the designated time we drove to the rendezvous point with the girls…tinagwirizana kuti tikumana pa stage ya pa Petroda…ifeyo tikhala ngati tawapasa matola.


We got to the stage, and indeed there were two shaved head adolescent girls adorned in Nyoira school uniforms waiting.

Shuvai! Glory!  Tiyeni!’ DJ beckoned to them and they quickly got in and we were off.

In the car, DJ took charge of the formalities and introduced us, Shuvai was the one assigned to me, she was 17 and a half(DJ’s words not mine…she was the oldest one available, so I just had to make do) amati ndi afana apa Kasungu (ku ma yard) and she was repeating form 4 kufuna kutsisa ma points…Glory anali wa DJ and she was 15, also in form 4 and hailing from Blantyre.

Along the way they had been changing from their school uniforms into normal clothes in the backseat and as we approached Chingeni roadblock into Balaka they were in leggings, ti ma stupid(Malaya owonesa  nchombo aja) and putting on matching G- Unit flat caps to hide their bald heads.

In Balaka we headed to a joint called Zuc lodge which is at least 6 kilometers from the town center.

We got to the place and chose seats at the restaurant because the girls wanted food.

Koma ana a sukulu amadya!!!!!kunali kuphaka plate after plate…ndiwo yanyama iliyonse ayilawe.

When it came time to order drinks they both ordered cocopinas, as both were not drinkers while DJ and I maintained with our usuals.

There was literally no conversation happening between them and us, they kept on yapping away their school girl stories as DJ and I looked on, waiting for their seemingly insatiable stomachs to fill up…

Finally they were done and like clock work we all headed to the reception area to get rooms for the ensuing showdown.

Fast forward: shit went down and we were back on our way soon right after.

Pano S Ndinasanduka a chidya makanda enieni a Shuvai, I sort out her school fees balance akadyera fees, I pay for her monthly groceries plus she receives a monthly stipend from your’s truly…I would say her father and I are trying our level best in securing a comfortable life and bright future for her….

except one of us is screwing her…


  1. “I would say her father and I are trying our level best in securing a comfortable life and bright future for her….”
    Quote of the day….
    Day made


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