aside Deontology Vs Teleolgy

Express yourself is what Mpambira said right? Okay here goes…
So when I was studying for my exams last week, I realized that one thing- you can actually learn a lot by attending classes rather than binge watching the Sopranos all day long. So apparently these guys learnt about Deontology Vs. Teleology the other day which really aroused my interest because it is rather interesting;
You see, these two terms are an approach to human ethics or moral thinking. On one hand, deontology is an approach that addresses whether the motives behind certain actions are right or wrong instead of focusing whether the results of the action are right are or wrong. Teleology (developed by a guy named Immanuel Cunt Kant) on the other hand focuses on the purpose of each action or the consequences of an action. It encourages the use of past experiences to determine results of present actions.
In beer terms it would be like munthu osamwa mowa chifukwa amalesa vs munthu okumwa mowa chifukwa umamusangalasa I think. I like the teleology approach because it encourages us to hammer actions that will increase our happiness and decrease our pain while deontology makes us follow rules much like the Ten Commandments and think of what effect our actions will have on others.

This is how it really sounds like in my head – don’t cheat on your girlfriend because it will get her all upset vs cheat on her because banging big booty Judy from CU will satisfy the shit out of you. I hate decisions like this.
Had me thinking why we bother following certain ethical rules and considerations when we clearly don’t like them and will just bring us endless amounts of dissatisfaction – yes you, unakwatila nkazi chifukwa unamupasa mimba. Hahaha this bloke thought he was thinking in a teleological manner when he decided to cum in her only to realize he hates the long term consequences of it all. Could be easier to cum in her and find out for yourself whether you like the end result or not. I’m talking babies here eh. No one hates babies. Plus no need for marriage here, we’ve learnt from it.

Won’t happen again. Right? Who the fuck introduced plastic diapers in the place of traditional matewela to ruin peoples budgets anyway? Fucking cunt!

As with the post by godlessheathen, deontology is more in line with the religious or moral guy because they usually think of consequences before doing anything e.g. they can’t have sex before marriage because someone says it’s immoral and therefore shouldn’t be done even if hammering your girlfriend Jane of 2 and a half years would make you a much happier guy.

Next thing you know she completely ruins your life by losing her virginity to a douche named Frank. Smh at such hopeless souls.
With teleology, I think you end up doing things that will satisfy you so lads and lasses, if you felt like having a baby at age 15 then you should have had one, if it satisfied you enough and not think of the consequences of having a rugrat while living in your grandparents house would have. If you end up not liking the consequences then the teleology approach says you will learn from this past experience and use it to make a sound decision of where you are about to offload your swimmers. I like to shove em in the mouth ideally.
On the other hand, deontology is also a good approach. It seems more likely out of the two to get you out of making bad decisions like going over the speed limit or eating in an unhealthy manner and not exercising. I think. It also teaches about always acting in good faith and adhering to the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated by them.

They are moral duties that have been practiced for a very long time since we were children and we are molded by them not to serve selfish intentions. It’s a case of whether you want to be a person of values from the onset or learn from your mistakes to become a better person who judged their actions from the consequences they earlier brought

In pabwalo terms its either you’re a nice guy or a douche bag. A lady or a straight up cunt.
Mind fucked

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