aside The Young people VS Lucius Banda

Sometime in December last year, the fine folk at became aware of comments made by one Lucius Banda (MP). Apparently the esteemed legislator from Balaka north constituency eluded something to the fact that Malawi youth are ‘Pathetic ‘ for not fighting for their rights/freedom or something …kaya…those who actually followed the web link and read the article are better informed.

As for me, I did not follow the link (mainly because I don’t like staring at huge pieces of shit on my computer monitor)


But this did not go unnoticed.

We acknowledge and salute the response that some ‘young’ people gave at the immediate aftermath of this incident, meanwhile enafe were deeply embroiled in drinkcember and its shenanigans to give it anything more than second thought…I mean who has time for debate  when December salary is there to be squandered?

But it is January now; most of us are broke and have ‘New year resolutions’

So in order to distract myself from the emptiness that is my wallet and live up to my 2017 resolve of changing absolutely nothing about myself and style; I would like to give a ‘Pabwalo response’….kaya enanu munena kuti ‘too little too late’ zanu izo!



‘Lucius’, ‘soldier’, ‘A Lu’, ‘angoni’ ‘madala madala’ or whatever else you are affectionately known by, it seems you are wrongly convinced that you are an expert on what it is to be young in this here modern Malawi…albeit yourself being forever young at heart tirelessly (and I salute you 100% for that)…but being actually young is a different involvement than ‘just acting it’….no disrespect

Granted most of us are underachievers who take everything for granted including the various freedoms that people (such as yourself ..sir) fought for.

We drink too much, we smoke mindlessly and fuck like rabbits….sure.

Pretty much maximizing the democracy that the Chakufwa Chihanas and Aleke bandas handed to us on a silver platter, and to them we owe our eternal gratitude…chipanda inu sibwezi tikumalezebwa, nkumatukwana uku tikupikisana mabebhi ndi azibambo athu.

But let’s face it, things have not been running up to par in our country for a very long time, to the point that some of us (like myself) grew up in corruption and are now face to face with it on a daily basis…call us ‘the corrupt generation’ if you must, and how are we expected to react?

‘’Fight the system, take to the streets, become martyrs of the struggle, turn into timeless legends to be taught in future history courses’’

If the Arabs did it, why can’t we? right?

ivo yayi…..nthena yayi….pa Malawi?

But you must be lost in time and geography Honourable MP…for this is 2017 and we are living in a democratic Malawi.

Our present struggle is not a political one, and I think we are all agreed in this country that everyone is quite content with the current political system and power systems. Mwina what some are not satisfied with is the caliber of the people manning the governance of our sovereignty …but that’s why we have general elections every four years to vote in different people or revote in people like you.


So again, why are we expected to take to the streets and shed blood? Over what?…let’s face it: a country’s chosen leadership is a reflection of its people…so much more when it’s a democratic country.

But surely this does not mean that any of us should just sit idly by, swallowing whatever Frozy any present government is throwing at us.

And it’s wrong to assume that young people are doing nothing…

Ours is mainly an economic struggle…


Young people all across our narrow country are busy fighting against nepotism, age discrimination and economic exclusion out there in the warzone that is the present day job market/business environment on a daily basis.

It’s not like in the olden days when once munthu was educated opportunities were abundant…your generation did not have to compete with their fathers and uncles in issues of profession and income generation…inu pa nthawi yanu ndi atate wanu munkangokanganirana ma ufumu basi…ife pano nde ndi china chilichonse: ntchito, mabebhi, sukulu(ma tchuwa nde ali chichulikireso), njale, mowa…you name it.


All this is mainly because of the evolving educational landscape…ours being a generation spawned from Malawians educated through affirmative action…ndipo enanu mmene munayambira ‘tinali anthu anzeru kale lathu….tinkachoka from kumudzi kumakapanga ma masters, PhD kunja’….all good and congrats, but you forget one thing ….Angwazi….affirmative action, the Malawi government at that time had an active policy of educating its citizens aimed at creating specialists and professionals who were to replace the colonial era ranks of expatriates in our civil service and national structures…

You fuckers forget eti…

Ife tinababdwa too late…there is no longer that aggressive affirmative action…we have to largely define our own paths and it’s not like we are complaining….struggling yes, but not complaining.


But when people of the old generation inject into this struggle their purposeful nepotism…now we complain.

Yes mukumatha kutipanga employ, but only for our skills(makamaka kutengera kuti most of you struggle with computers and all)…but how many of you are really mentors?….owelengeka


What are you afraid of? Chikumavuta ndi chani giving us a chance?


Chabwino You don’t have to hand in the reigns, we should be go-getters eti? But zokhomeleranazi why?

I understand your biggest fear is losing relevance but still….what goes around comes around, someone will eventually do the same to your kids and grandkids…and that’s how we shall eventually end up as a country : an endless cycle of nepotism.


Talk of innovation, discipline, focus etcera….Malawi’s youth has it all…what is lacking is simply something currently beyond our control….an enabling environment….

Maybe you are right after all you soldier (son of a poor man), perhaps we do need to all become ‘soldiers’ and grab if for ourselves…force change, get all treasonous and shit…that typo thing.

But nah!!! We are too lazy to put our lives in danger….and most of us are out there to yank our families out from the vicious cycle of poverty…we ain’t got time to play Steve Biko.

We would rather wait for the democratic process to take its course and go vote….we will let our votes speak for us and not our fists…and if you haven’t been paying attention our votes go loud and clear…we have the likes of Desmond Bikoko PhD (the newly elected Mayor of the Capital), Hon Atupele muluzi (who ushered in the new land acts) and….. myself (anthu oziwa kunyoza ndi kumwa mowa) lol…watch this space.

Looking forward to Busy Signal’s  return though…nde mwati abwera ndi Beenie man and Bounty Killer? Super excited!….

Koma zomapanga bite the hand that feeds you zi, soldier kukhale komaliza…chifukwa nde we patronize your events….mwinaso mukutipanga distract ndinuyo olemekezeka, you provide us with unimaginable fun timayiwala za politics or umphawi wathu…


But as one son of Balaka(bet you didn’t know that) to another, I say to you sir: keep the fire burning and continue being your usual outspoken self, you inspire us bwana…mumatipolamula…ooops…meant to say mumatiyimilira!


Big Daddy Bae


  1. Great article.. Thou one problem on the voting issue .. We all know very well.. Even the young generation .. They have the wakwathu syndrom when voting.. So is voting going to be the right way to soldier on?!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe voter education might be the first step… I think most people vote in our elections as if it’s Big Brother or something… Maybe if they knew first the roles and responsibilities of the offices we vote pple into maybe people would vote with more foresight


      • Why bother vote when your instincts deeply fight with yourself not to vote on grounds that the Elections are going to be rigged come hell or high waters… in such a fucked up political setup it does not make a difference whether one votes or not… while your busy voting for whatever party or political figure of your preference I chose not to care for my mind is a furnace busy cooking ideas that can propel and shuttle my own personal development it be it business or career wise… Its not what your country or political party/figure can do for you but rather what you can do for yourself…. #SipsWhisky


  2. Aaah well you will be amazed at how even educated individuals will rejoice just because personally they smell favours should a certain individual from their region wins elections.. Until we remove that mentality which I don’t believe voter education can fix over night we shall continue on this suicidal path.. It happens in most African countries not just Malawi…


    • Granted that’s true, we are always trying to look out for number one, but I feel that’s more to do with poverty and not just the nature of ‘african’ countries…


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