aside Sex with the below average sized…

“Size doesnt matter” “Its not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean” “Its the way of the lay not the size of the prize” These are some of the phrases people use simply to say penis/dick/cock size does not matter when it comes to sex. Well, size indeed is subjective, whats big to me may be average to another girl or small to some other girl. I cannot come out and say the exact size in inches to be considered big or small but I read somewhere that approximately 6 inches is the average dick size when erect, about 15 centimeters… ka ruler kamu instrument box kaja eti… when erect… thats average akuti…

So, most guys have measured their dicks right? I mean, like us girls taking a mirror and looking at yourself down there to observe some features. Well, I take a mirror regularly to take a look down there… Lol. Surely guys have at least measured IT when erect, if it was below 15 centimeters then you are below average, according to the 6 inch study that is.

tiny bananas are always sweeter?…no?

Koma tisanamizanepo apa, guys know when they have a small penis though a lot of them always brag that they are well endowed. I have seen a couple of penises… he he… young nigga included (ameneuja ndi nkhani zina mmmm) and me being me, I have encountered a “small” penis before and let me just share.

Ahem, before I have sex with a guy, I carry out tests to determine the size of his penis. Like, when kissing, I gently go to second base to have a feel of what’s down there, when dancing, I twerk on the groin area to sense the bulge, stuff like that. I observe certain things also, things that wont make sense to you, its just me.  Guys with average sized to big dicks are somehow confident, they have this aura about them, they don’t have a care in the world, they even walk in a certain typa way.

Guys with small dicks sometimes have ego issues, they have short people problems, always defensive when talk of size comes up… amalimbikira za “size doesn’t matter” passionately. They may even brag, grabbing their junk with their tiny hands koma ngati afinya kandasi. I am not into small dicks, nope, not a single fiber in me would choose a small dick no matter how handsome, rich, successful the guy is, if an ‘Hombre’ has a small penis, we aint going NOWHERE, yes, I love sex that much.

So then how did I end up having sex with this guy with a small dick…. Well, I have always had the hots for him. He was one of those guys you tell yourself you are going to fuck no matter what. Kaya in two months,  two years, twenty years, koma umangodziwiratu zizatheka basi. Yathu ija atsikana, timadziwa anthu amene tizakwerane nawo from the word go… anthunso oti we will never sleep with timadziwiratu. Musamapusisike. Chisankho timakhala tapanga kalekale before you “take us home.”

Anyway,  Everything checked out, looks (boy oh boy did he have LOOKS), charm, a sense of humor, street smart, intelligent, working… everything checked out. I had kissed him before and it was great, ndikati everything checked out, believe me. Koma kaya why didn’t I see that it was too good to be true kaya? Why didn’t I apply the “Mulungu sapereka zonse” instinct? Eish.

It was one of those boring sober Saturday afternoons when you’ve done your laundry, had lunch, have no plans whatsoever and watching that series you watch when you have nothing else to watch… one of those days. It was a day I realized how dangerous being bored is. As I was wallowing on my bed, I heard a WhatsApp text notification, I nearly jumped off the bed… Mpaka ka sound ndithu, surely it wasn’t one of the groups cause I mute all groups for a year. I prayed it wasn’t a family member or distant relative just saying hi…

There he was, kama keke kanga saying hi and what I was up to… Not to sound too eager to talk to him. I told him I was on my way home from town. He said he was in my hood and wanted to drop by cause he had never seen my place. Hehehe! Ndiwo iyo… I told him he could come. After finishing texting him, I jumped off bed for some touch ups, closed the curtains, paused the series and put on some “sex” music… (yes, I have a playlist), removed the high sock on my head, changed underwear cause I was putting on ma pant timavala pakhomo ena ake… ma chilling panties, not so sexy, changed from leggings to one of the “fuck me” dresses, ka perfume apo ndi apo… ready for any attack…

About 15 minutes later, he called to say he was by the gate and I went and let him in. As he sat down I offered him a drink, I only had a bottle of Green (kaya anachokera kuti kaya Green’yo) and some wine, he picked the wine and we started some useless chitchatting while my vagina was throbbing discreetly, kuli kuona kuchedwa. Tiziti iyeyo amabweradi kuzacheza basi? Nde ayi’tu.

Paja I am a bully, I don’t like stalling especially when I know what I want… I may tease a little koma this was taking long so I took away his wine glass and planted a strong “fuck me” kiss on his rosy lips, stopped for a bit to see if he will stop me and insist on leaving but he put his hand behind my head and kissed me back, urgently… EYA! Now we are talking, nobody can turn down that “fuck me” kiss… tinayamba pakale zinthuzi.

Already, I could sense some red flags, he was stalling too much on the foreplay…. Too much “turning me on” kisses, too much fondling with my breasts, too much “teasing” if you will and he was trying his best to keep my hands and mouth off his dick… dafuq… And what was with the fingering??? I absolutely DO NOT like fingering, I see no point. Play with the clit all you want but NOT FINGERING but this guy was in there with his fingers like he had dropped his 5 million dollar diamond ring in my vagina… asa… nde he ate my pussy like nobody’s business… I wont complain there, hehehe! He did good there, he managed to distract me from talking to myself and made me want his D. Now me, having started these types of conversations in my head, I knew game yagona…

I had to get my mojo back so I bullied my way on top… He had done his part, I was good to go, now why wasn’t his D bulging terrifyingly on his briefs? Red flag. Usually, after all that, his D is supposed to be begging to be let out, misempha and all… koma ayi ndithu, just a small bulge… wasn’t he horny. There I was again, talking to myself, maybe I should give it a taste, that wont fail me. As I was removing his underwear, he kept paying close attention, watching closely… Dafuq… I was like, dude, lay back.

My face nearly dropped to the floor, my eyes started to tear up, really. It was erect, yes, strong erection sure but the size nearly dried up my vagina. Was that pebble of a penis, that passport sized penis going to get inside me? I couldn’t even bring myself to take it in my mouth, I shut down for some seconds. Under normal circumstances, I could have stopped right there, found an excuse, apologized and told him to leave… really, but he was my keke… handsome and sweet, maybe it wont be that disappointing, right…

I removed his underwear, reached over my beside drawer and fished out a condom, I took the Manyuchi, hah, I couldn’t afford to waste my expensive flavored rubbers on that pebble. I even thought for a minute that the rubber will just cover the dick like an oversized raincoat. I didn’t even struggle putting it on. He came on top of me and on he went, grinding and stroking. He was there, groaning, making faces and having a good time and I was busy talking to myself, betting how long it will take him to finish, faking moaning sounds here and there… tima “Oh God” “yes” “you are killing me” noises… I found my way on top, pulled out some tricks to make him finish faster and he did, with his freaky orgasm face… yes, I usually have my eyes open during sex, I like to SEE what’s going on, it turns me on but not with him.

I took off the rubber, helped him clean up, I got cleaned up too and immediately got dressed. He was showing signs that he wanted to cuddle and chat or possibly have a go at round 2 but with who? Certainly not me. I let him have a few moments of feeling good with himself then told him a female friend was coming over so that I help her unbraid her braids (some excuse) and so it was best for him to leave. I apologized of course in my sweet innocent voice and I escorted him.

I went into the house and couldn’t believe what had just experienced, what the fuck was that? A joke? I started laughing hysterically, gosh… that was a dick? Kukongola konsekuja and he had THAT for a penis… damn. I thought I had problems. While I was busy laughing at myself for kuziyamba dala, I got a text from him saying he had a good time, It was amazing bla bla bla and that he missed me already… HELL NO… I wasn’t about to entertain that ish. Never again.

So to me, ME, eti, SIZE MATTERS. Eish… After having a go with this one, SIZE MATTERS. If I were to pick a big dick, the kinda dick that makes you question the safety of your vagina and a small dick, I would pick the big one. Eeeh, komansotu kuli ma dick kunja kuno amwene… dzina dzoti azipita kaye ku Police kutenga permission kaya warrant to use it on vaginas… LOL… The kinda dicks that require guys to pay some sort of tax ku MRA amwene… LOL. I don’t know, I have written several times that sex demands a lot of things to be enjoyed especially women. Maybe this one was my small but an average to someone else… To me, size matters, it gives me assurance and confidence that it will do things to me… asa… as far as sayings go, I will say, “The size and height of the tree determines how heavily the ground will shake when it falls” so, get to measuring boys… 😉


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  1. Hehheh koma mahope simuzatheka inu,,mmm,,mwati chani?atiiiii,,,,,,had to get my mojo back so I bullied my way on top… He had done his part, I was good to go, now why wasn’t his D bulging terrifyingly on his briefs? Red flag. Usually, after all that, his D is supposed to be begging to be let out, misempha and all,,,demn,,,,hahahah,,mwati simuzatiyalutsa koma ife mahope?kkkkk,,nyc writeup!!mulungu zapeleka zose,,,,kkkk


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