aside The grim reaper – god or satan?

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a couple of older men discussing a tragic accident that had just happened somewhere along the M1 road. Apparently three people lost their lives including a child. The men were critically analysing the situation from a social aspect, down to a religious perspective. According to iwowo, Satana ndi mbava. How could the devil be so cruel to take innocent lives, especially that of a young girl. The two went on,” Mulungu saatenga moyo wa munthu. Mulungu amapereka moyo. Satana ndi amene amalakwisa!. This really caught my attention. I usually refrain from joining in on issues concerning people’s beliefs because anthu amazitengera personal. Nanji nanji kumalawi kuno. Having an opposing opinion of one’s beliefs is somehow usually interpreted as being offensive and insulting for some reason. Nde timangozisiya.

However, nkhani yokhayi sindikanayisiya ayi. Being a respectful young gentlemen, I decided not to interrupt the two elders with my opinions, ideologies and what not. Koma nde ndinali ndi mafunso ambiri. Pango’nong’ono ndikanayankhira nawo. First of all, if you believe in an almighty being that created the world and life as we know it, does that not imply that he is also the creator of death? Nanga mesa iyeyo ndi amene anayika ka time limit on life, nde why do people suddenly feel like kumwalira falls under the jurisdiction of another entity? Kodi m’mene satana anaponyedwa padziko lapansi anapasidwa mphamvu zina zosankha anthu okufa? Anthu we like to always see the light in our creator, but never admit the darkness. You can’t have it both ways. Wopereka moyo, komanso wotenga!

I am sure many of you have heard people say, “Atate ndi amene akondesesa abale athuwa. Ndichifukwa ayitanidwa”. Basically telling us that the creator loved the deceased more than anyone else in the world, and he just had to call him/her upstairs to join the party. As much as this acknowledges god as being the grim reaper, it still bothers me. Nanga what do you mean by kukondesesa munthu? What if munthuyo lived a life of sin (ngati enafe) and is going to hell? Iyeyonso anakondedwa kwambiri? Kapena god and satan work as a team? Sinners are called by the devil and believers by god? Amagawana ma rights? To top it up, kuzamupempherera kuti awuse mu mtendere. Mesa wachita kuyitanidwa kale? What purpose will the prayer have now? Osamanamizana akulu akulu.

Kudikira mabwana akambirane kaye

Ndikuziwa kuti anthu timakhala ndi ma coping mechanisms osiyanasiyana, but let’s not be blinded by our emotions when the truth is staring at us right in the face. Kaya ndi mwana, kaya ndi nkhalamba, wapha ndi mulungu. Osati kumapeleka ma excuse kuti satana wapha munthu just because the death was gruesome. Iyayi! Mulungu ndi amene wapanga chisankho chimenecho, osanamizira satana ayi. Why should the devil of all angels have the powers to take life? If my bible history is correct, he wasn’t even the most powerful angel in heaven. Kapena angelo ena kumwambako nawo amatha kukondesetsa munthu? One day Gabriel can suddenly decide to call Snr Chief upstairs for a braii? Osamanimizana guys.

Death sucks. We can all agree to that. But what sucks more to me is insulting my intelligence with fairly tales that can be altered by choice to suit the situation. Pali anthu ena who commend god for taking someone’s life. True story. I have seen people interpreting the death of munthu as god’s intervention. Ati munthuyo anali woyipa mtima, amazunza anthu. Komatu they do not say it directly like; “aha! Atate apangapo kanthu!”. No. It usually comes out something like; “Eyetu. Mulungu amawona zonse”. But deep down we know what you are saying – “Nicca had it coming”. Well at least such people know who is in charge of life and death.

Now you see why I did not bother to interrupt the two gentlemen? Akanayamba kundifunsa kumene ndimapemphera, kumudzi kwathu, makolo, chani chani. Anything to rationalize the way I think. Zanu zimenezo, ine ndangodusamo.

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  1. Pretty much. It was and is never comfortable for me to talk about the faith, but as a result of being offended and hiding away from such thoughts and questions it’s only made life harder, and I believe that anyone who’s able to with a straight face believe in the Bible should be ready to defend it instead of trying to put the other person down.

    As far as I know since in Genesis the devil was allowed to slither about and tempt people and in Job God accepted the devil in his presence and then sent him out to wreak havoc on Job’s life then there’s if not an agreement an understanding between the two when it comes to life or death. I find that horrifying, but it’s just the way it is.


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