aside Riches, Rape, Juju & Pastors

Some disturbing news found their way to me today:

A certain forty something years old woman was gang raped by masked armed robbers. While one of the men was having his turn violating her, the woman found and utilized an opportunity to remove the man’s mask and alas!! Lo and behold; behind mask numero 3 was none other than her first born son who was apparently supposed to be in Karonga for work.

All of this supposedly happened in the full view and vicinity of the woman’s family …the whole family that is minus the culprit son  …who was of course undertaking an active role in the whole thing.

The woman’s husband (who is also the boy’s father) has been reported to have undertaken a trip to Mangochi to ‘process’ and recover from the whole ordeal. How Malawi’s sin district will aid the distraught man recover from this unfortunate trauma is beyond my comprehension…I don’t know, mwina American rape victims’ spouses  also favour places like Vegas, just to you know, wind down and ‘process’…meh

A couple of issues came to mind after hearing of this calamity.

First and foremost mwana ameneyu ali ndi chiwanda shuuuuuuuuuuuwa!…olo masteni ako atakhala a sharp kwambiri it still has to take a demon fished out from the deepest throngs of hell to possess someone into committing such a heinous act…this is really unthinkable, even the severely mentally compromised would preserve some dignity other than knowingly doing anything similar to this…bola kungowaphatu masten wo.

Secondly, the husband (in my independent opinion) is a total prick. There are times when munthu you have to overlook your own welfare to take care of someone else’s who has been dealt a far much worse hand of cards…..but not this douchebag, iyeyu akukatchila pa Mangochi paja basi…The Bachelor party 4

I really feel for the plight of this woman.

The son must have been a newbie to this thing as no well-seasoned robber cum rapist would allow an ounce of opportunity for his identity to be revealed by the victim…that should be number three in the rapists’ playbook….i think…if it really does exists

I wouldn’t fathom to know what prompted the woman to gather such courage as to yank the mask off from her aggressor in the first place…I truly cannot imagine myself in her position. A friend of mine opinionated to the fact that the woman did so, because of her motherly instincts…..i am not friends with this person anymore and truly concerned with his upbringing….what motherly instinct would kick in whilst a son is sodomising his mother?….indeed what kind of familiarity would become precedent?…the company I keep sometimes, and they say I’m the weird one.

As to all things deemed incomprehensible by yours truly I will shelf the reasoning behind this act to be under the auspices of witchcraft and African magic.

Undeniably, we have heard stories of people in this country facing up to do a lot despicable acts all in the hopes of some success gain which is mostly monetary under the guise of Juju (the ultimate truth or dare game)

It seems all one has to do to amass fame and fortune nowadays is to have the guts to venture into the underworld and gamble one’s decency into the sense of humor of a witch doctor.

Yes, farewell to hard work and patience and welcome to the world of misupa, ndondosha and raping your mother.

Its either you take a shot at that or you get yourself a shiny suit and speculate your luck with instant miracles courtesy of the many prophets, ministers and pastors getting facebook pages, championing  money laundering and awarding themselves trophies from their own churches currently on the increase in our corrupt country.

the shinier the suit, the more enlightened the man

It’s no wonder places of worship, enlightened centers of gathering and temples of fellowships are to be found adjacently situated to bars and whore houses…might as well, since they are all inhabited by liars, scoundrels, horny men and prostitutes…but you can blame our town planning departments for that, or did they do that on purpose as it is all befitting?

invest more into suits and cars but less in church buldings….jesus could have done the same?

But at least your pastor won’t suggest that you go smash your mother in exchange for some miracles…or maybe he just might? Considering the caliber of some of these ‘men of god’

modern day sing’angas

Whatever the case this is 2017 we are all out here trying to hustle…join ‘lets do business Malawi’ or go rape a parent.

The choice is all yours.

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