aside Fear-me-nism

It’s been very hard to start work on this article/rant…

How else can one write a satirical piece about feminists without satisfying all male chauvinistic stereotypes and coming off as a complete dick?…BigDaddybae or not; no one has ever portrayed anything negative about ‘girl power’ and emerged unscathed.

But you know what? Fuck it!!

Mahule awa amatiyenjeza two minutes yinayake!

Having said that statement, I bet most of y’all are making ridiculous conclusions about the person that is Mpambira Kambewa and why you think he has stooped so low as to make such a blatant sexist  statement:

‘ma babie akumuvuta ameneyu’

‘he is such a frustrated young man’

And my all-time favourite jab-

he is super immature, azikula’

Well what can I say? All those above-mentioned accusations are mostly true, mabebhidi akundishupha, (let’s just say2017 has been most unkind to BigDaddyBae’s penis) and indeed (yes)I do possess a lot of personal frustrations as much as the next man. Talking about my immaturity, don’t get me started, you don’t even know the half of it.

But the point I’m trying to raise here is that none of my perceived personal weaknesses should be used as an excuse or rationale to my outrageous statements…

I am a horrible person…simply thus

But by proclaiming kuti ‘Mahule awa amatiyenjeza two minutes inayake!’

In no way I’m I referring to all self-acclaimed feminists as prostitutes …only referring to those with lesser morals who should rightly be labeled as such by our entire society.

fem 2
ndikukamba za aukali aja

Don’t tell me you have not met some of these individuals in question:

They depict what is a most noble and ancient philosophy to seem like an exclusive movement for bitter and unsatisfied women.

I will be careful here and say that this is not true or conclusive for all feminists…just the female dogs among them.

Trying to get into a reasonable discussion with one of these unsavory characters is inviting yourself to a buffet of emotive reasoning, irrational accusations and lipstick-stained saliva spitting.

Munthu umangozindikira hiii! Walusa and akufuna akuthire bhawa in your face…which to lesser people might seem logical and progressive (akuti a woman standing up for herself) but I promise you chief such antics drive feminist agendas back to the 3rd century…

There is such a thing as well structured logical response even if you feel like you have been offended greatly.

But not to some people; apparently if you are a reasonably educated young woman, with a not so stable or non-existent romantic/sexual setup then you have a free pass to insult, mislabel, cockblock and violently abuse other people all in the name of girl power…pretty much utilizing the feminism tag to musk their insecurities and unleash much unwanted negativity to otherwise amicable social settings.

fem 3
very easy to point out the ‘feminist/cockblocker’ here

I don’t want to make ridiculous conclusions here but I have noticed a trend whereby once-outspoken feminists calm the fuck down once they get a stable boyfriend or pregnant….maybe that’s the cure…the D.

As much as black people need more Obama-like figureheads to act as role models and champions of racial equality I feel the female gender need more Oprahs and Chinamandas to act as such for gender equality which as a species we still have a long way in achieving.

Osati basi the picture we should have of gender activists should be that of angry foul mouthed exasperated women battling alcoholism.

It astounds me how everyday people go out of their way in being negative towards each other…Why can’t we all just be positive? (not HIV positive) to each other as a normal way of interpersonal exchange?

Koma basi,nkhani izikhala kudelerana, kupangana underestimate, kunyozana…

There you have it reader, this article wasn’t against anything feminist, but rather about individuals who give feminism a bad name.

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  1. It astounds me how everyday people go out of their way in being negative towards each other…Why can’t we all just be positive? Koma basi,nkhani izikhala kudelerana, kupangana underestimate, kunyozana.


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