aside On Jacuzzi people and National duty

Big Daddy bae was born in the U.S of A and went to Bishop Mackenzie International Primary school (AKA Bish-Mac),

It is no secret, everybody knows.

Of course  kwa anthu ena izi zimaoneka ngati zamatama, but I don’t think my parents accorded me such privileges just for me years later to keep them buried in secrecy because it ‘might’ make people of lesser privileged backgrounds uncomfortable or self-aware…but however the case;

Big Daddy Bae is now presently based in Ntcheu; working and living there plus doing prostitutes in his spare time.

I guess this falls against most people’s expectations for someone who grew up in a ‘jacuzzi’ lifestyle.

Any way the purpose of this article is to not discuss the intricacies of success vis a vis attribution, but let’s get on with other facts:

Our country is in shit, there is virtually no public service delivery that is not whined about by pretty much everyone;

Talk of ESCOM, UNIMA, national waterboards, the national registration process, Road traffic control etcetera…kulikonse we find grievances.

And who do you find emitting out the loudest cries of protest?


Mafana a high school ndi mafana okulira kunja just like myself …..(I paused here to put on sun glasses)..


Indeed yes, you will find us socializing in pretentious places like Mug n Bean (ku Btown) or Star Mag café (ku Lilongwe) drinking ostentatious coffee and grumbling (in even more pretentious accents) about how crappy things are in Malawi, then moving on to talk about our plans to emigrate back to S.A, Aussie or whatever country we once had the brief opportunity to live in but we assumed its identity anyway…kenaka kumpangaso order another round of latte and English muffins as we progress to talk about Kendrick lamar or the latest range of shisha flavours…

Don’t get me wrong, every resident of our beautiful motherland is reserved the right to complain about our public services that most of us justly pay for via taxes.

But doing it with a superiority complex  nde zakumatako zo

Here is what I mean;

How many Cambridge O levels and A levels graduates do we have in our civil service compared to the throngs of public servants with MSCEs ?

Even though most Cambridge curriculum subscribers ended up re-uniting with most of us in public universities (particularly UNIMA) they still set themselves apart and it has always been unusual for them to express interest into joining government civil service (unless they were smart enough to become medical doctors) because they would and still opt for such sexy professions in the private sector as bankers, lawyers, engineers etc.

Thus leaving public and political offices flooded with MSCE-holding folks.

Hence it comes off a bit pompous to mine ears when a Kamuzu academy alumnus criticizes the work performance of a Dedza secondary school alumnus uku akumapereka ma examples of how it is done in other countries.

I wish more Jacuzzi children would show interest into joining our civil service then maybe their ‘high standards’ would slowly but surely transform our government’s service to run parallel to how it is done in the likes of Canada, Aussie and South Africa…otherwise azingopangabe complain.

Now I will not lie nor be hypocritical, my coincidental settling in Ntcheu had little to do with patriotism or an interest to make a difference in the development of this country, my reasons were fairly economical and survival then, my job in Ntcheu was the best deal available to me at that time (ceteris paribus)…but over the time I’ve spent here, a passion has arisen from within me to try to influence some things I can manage from the inside here, and now that I know the workings and dynamics of development work here in Malawi I am now mature enough to cut some slack to some civil servants whose working conditions and perils are left unexposed to the wider public.

So my message to you foreign coffee drinking, English muffin eating, sky vodka sipping , parents’ car driving,  loans from parents getting, food channel watching, synthetic accent speaking mafana okulira mu Jacuzzi is:

Have issues with our police? Go join the police and try changing it from there

Have issues with the waterboard?  Go join the waterboard, or at least come up with a concept note of suggested solutions which you can then send via appropriate channels, even better yet you can come up with your own NGO to address such jeopardies

Same goes for ESCOM, Agriculture, Education and all other sectors you Cambridge curriculum scum-bugs think you have a good idea of how things should be running…

Otherwise accept how things are, and go back to your ‘wasted-potential’ jobs at Airtel or whatever private company your Daddy managed to negotiate for you.

Do not expect things to go well when you expect others to put in 100% effort and dedication into servicing for you when you think getting rich and famous is your only national duty



  1. Nyopawo indeed. I have no respect for anyone who lives off their parents’ glory. I don’t want my kids to grow up and think they deserve privileges based on what i gave them as kids. I have a lot of friends like that who have done nothing for themselves but continue to milk off their papas for cars, plots, houses, jobs, startup businesses… the list is endless. I have no respect for people living in the shadows of their folks. Time to step out and show up fuckers!


  2. Word. This was me for the longest time. I’m glad at the humbling realization that the people who hang around and change things are thousands of times more worth respect and honour than the one’s sitting on the fence talking shit. Great piece.


  3. Big Daddy Bae is now presently based in Ntcheu; working and living there plus doing prostitutes in his spare time.

    #ndakonda part iyi


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