Lilongwe exercise enthusiasts  

Hello there!!

For the first time in my life, I’ve had a bit of a prolonged stay in Lilongwe city. Gotta say it’s only a better place to live in cause there is more of everything (restaurants, beer joints, side baes etc) otherwise shit z the same as Blantyre.

That is not the point here though. I’m here to write about the exercise bubble going on in Lilongwe. I’m not here to give you tips on how to bench press neither, there’s Google and YouTube for that.

I am here to talk about these people I see “exercising” on the roads of our capital. I have a feeling some of y’all have no idea what exercising entails cause what i have seen (and cannot unsee)  in this city is completely the opposite.

Let’s start with a little definition here. Exercise: engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness.

I’m sure this means pushing the boundaries of your body so that you attain the desired amount of fitness. Osati kumangovala brightly colored expensive exercising gear and sunglasses  just to show off kuti you can afford nice and expensive exercise outfits .

Having a stroll down the chitukuko road si exercise ayi. Some women nde have perfected this:they will be out there on the busiest road at around 5pm (during rush hour mind you)  cat walking their way through losing a few pounds. After that they will be uploading their selfies on insta and whatsapp status. Mukhala onenepa mpaka kale kale I swear!

So please, instead of wearing you pink Adidas leggings and green Nike top, carrying expensive bottles of water and feeling yourself a Kardashian in the highway, I’d like to encourage you to have a light jog in your respective hood, kuchoka pa grocery iyi kukafika pa grocery iyo and maybe you will look like Kourtney soon enough. Or if you like the route so much then I suggest you put in some work and actually engage in physical activity.

For the men, get into a gym chabe with a trainer. Most if y’all doing this can afford it anyway. You can’t be out there walking like you are looking for the loo. Run 5-10 miles, your body can take it. Muzitidyela akazi chifukwa ndi matupi owumbika  bwino osati chifukwa cha ndalama chabe.

Exercising on the road shouldn’t be done cause it’s the in thing and you want people to talk about how you’re now exercising. Get caught with someone else’s wife or husband if you want a little fame.  

All I’m trying to say is that exercising should be good for you osati y’all should be using it as a tool for your matama. Set your mind to it, do it right, get it right and then you can do matama with your enhanced looks.

P.s I was never invited to the party. These suckers knew I would be the center of attention due to my superior exterior. Nyapanu nonse! I need a Magu girl as an apology!

Peace out!

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