aside BigDaddyBae quits Mediocrity

This is 2018, and it just hit me that it is only two years till we reach that 2020 mark that we all very well used to look forward to following the wonderful Vision2020 ads that rocked the nation 20-25 years ago.


“2020 will be a time of great abundance” they promised; no hunger, universal education, better health systems, a car in every garage…yadayadayada

What my 8 year old over-privileged brain could muster at that time was that “all poor people” problems would disappear automatically by 2020 and thus there was no use feeling guilty when coming out of Lilongwe City Center PTC Hyperstore eating a big bag of Simba crisps and drinking Guava Juice as my mother shooed away young street beggars around my age crowding around me as we found our way back to our car lest they stain my Bishop Mackenzie house Sports Uniform with god knows what grease or dirt.


Their time of salvation was coming, and this was going to be in 2020, as promised by our first democratic government.

Granted by then I couldn’t fully comprehend what exactly was entailed in our commitments to improve our Nation by 2020, mainly because it wasn’t my job, my job then simply was to be a child and eat my Simba crisps as I stuck my tongue out to less fortunate children in the safety of my parents’ car as we passed Chimutu F.P school on our way home to Area 14 following another successful Swimming meet, where once again ‘Bish Mac’ beat those snorts from Saint Andrews.

But 20 years later, here I am starting to get a taste of those “poor people problems” that I once fully disdained…and this is 2 years before the paradisiac promises of vision2020. The list of issues is very long: inconsistent power supply, shitty economy, vampires, cholera, water shortages and where the hell is my white fiancée Cindy who I envisioned then to have acquired by now?…Vision2020 made a lot of promises to my innocent young mind and none of them were kept.

The question is who do I blame?

Do I blame myself for not realizing my full potential? I mean ku Bishop Mackenzie konse kuja ndathera nako pano kumavinisa mahule ku Ntcheu? Is that my wholly my fault?…i don’t think so, more like I don’t want it to wholly be my fault.

Do I blame the system? And in effect the people who were and are still running it?…these are mainly people of my parents’ generation and cadre who seem to have been so busy occupied with Europeanizing their offspring and building mansions to actively pursue the Vision2020 goals that they committed in trust for future generations…should I then 100% blame this selfish and most corrupt generation of Malawians who failed to give back to the country that sacrificed so much for their foreign education and opportunities?

I was contemplating all of this and reached the crescendo that we are all generally to blame …past and present generations.

Yes most of our ‘learned parents’ failed to produce notable impacts apart from fancy name prefix titles and equally fancy prados, but boo hoo! Nobody cares…they grabbed what they deemed most of priority need to their lives and here they are…they certainly screwed the rest of the country while at it , but hey they are the one sipping 36 years old whiskies whilst seated at their area 43 balconies.

We the youth, the ones with the energy to move mountains and change patterns are also to blame for being complacent and accepting mediocrity.

Rather than taking duty bearers to task we have chosen to follow suit and mimic their arrangements even though our current situation is screaming at us that these methods have gone past their expiry date…..zikavuta ndizija tikumapeza ma surrogate spiritual parents, maybe thats what we need in this country one big spiritual daddy, in fact next elections lets not vote for a president, rather lets go all the way and get ourselves a national spiritual father

Major do it..

…if you go out with the devil you should expect to dance, it seems we want to keep on dancing.


Mediocrity is rife and law in every facet of Malawian society, from politics to entertainment; when we treat our politics like university students’ union elections; where voting is based on popularity, cliques and roommate recommendation…down to the entertainment industry where people keep on lying and giving wasted encouragement to people who were basically one hit phenomenon, just because ndi azinzawo or are their friend’s sibling.


One of the biggest problems we have in this country is recommendations, when people we consider cool recommend something the rest of us monkeys mindlessly follow fold for fear kuti uwoneka ngati hater kapena wosazisata…”the biggest fear we have is not that we are inadequate, the biggest fear we have is that we are afraid of getting chucked out of the cool club” (Coach Carter voice).

My personal new year’s resolution is to address what I deem mediocre head on and unapologetically…starting now:

Big Daddy Bae doesn’t think the Malawi Congress Party has the swank and appeal to unify this country for real development, all they are is a bunch of clueless cheerleaders around the cool kid with the accent who can deceivingly impregnate someone’s sister…this is a figure of speech.

Oh and I refuse to render any support to this so called comedian who solicits cheap laughs when all he does is screech on stage like an owl being circumcised…kaya enanu you find Malawian broken English hilarious, that’s ok and allowed, but let us not lie to ourselves kuti that mediocrity can go international…ngati baneba aku Zambia are amazed at why we are finding that shit funny what more an international platform like South Africa? Tangomusiyirani Anne Kansiime…

Y’all are making us look bad as a country. Remember:

Happy new year.


  1. Ndipo I remember having a Vision 2020 Calendar in our house like 19 years back and my brother explained to me what will achieve by 2020.
    But hey! That was a joke of decades.


  2. Pa broken english pokhapo I second your opinion, comedy is and should be a serious and sophisticated set. Not this stuff people are fawning over…


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