aside BigDaddyBae and the sex stock market

Malawi is ranked sixth on the list of the poorest countries in the world.

According to world stats; more than 85 percent of our population is underprivileged and struggles to meet one basic need or another.

So what does this mean? How does the vulnerable 85 percent continue to survive?

Well, it seems most of us have adapted one way or the other in defying the survival odds and some have even gone as far as enjoying life beyond reasonable expectations.

Well it is no secret that most have jumped on the “thievery” band wagon but this is not going to be discussed here.

Today I want us to talk about a certain repulsive behavior that has found its way to be transformed into an acceptable socio-cultural norm but generally is just one giant cover up that a proportion of our sexually active female demographic utilizes in their day to day endeavors towards the promotion of life and survival.

BigDaddyBae is here to talk about subsistent fucking…fucking for survival.

I’m not here to talk about prostitutes or slay queens who are straight forward in letting everyone know what they are about…ulemu wanu ndithu , you guys keep it real all day every day.

BigDaddyBae is much more interested in the ‘not-so-honest’ respectable girls and women who find solace (and financial aid) in their identity as people’s wives, fiancées and girlfriends.

Frankly put, most modern day relationships and love commitments can be broken down into ‘bedroom financial transactions in which a man trades money, gifts and his status for sexual favors from Bae.

Now don’t get me wrong, bae doesn’t always have to come from a disadvantaged background or be poor for this situation to occur, nope! Bae can perfectly be financially stable and independent, sometimes even richer than le boo, but sangathe kungoyiperekela ulele ayi…she has to be taken to dinner first or out for drinks…only then will she happily spread her legs for her better half.

But wait, in no way I’m I making conclusions that such chicks will only give it up after getting their end of the deal….no no no no NO!…

these heifers are also a patient bunch, sometimes the man pays in installments or ends up paying his dues in future…only that azibambo sometimes samawerengesera zimenezi, hence they are always taken by surprise when their “soulmates” stop being cool and undemanding and transform into beasts of prey for wallets and ATM cards…yes, all those new demands are for all the free effortless sex enjoyed in the past….we call these sexual investments.

Eyetu mafumu, when some girls stick with you while you are broke, don’t get it twisted kuti you are coming out strong and the eventual winner….not always…sometimes she is merely making an investment in you and you should expect to pay back with heavy interests.

It’s not like kuti this type of girls were created this way naturally, nope, some have simply evolved and aligned themselves strategically to deal with the modern day harsh realities of life or simply kuti sakukhutira, they want more.

Case in point: who remembers the good ol’ college days when it was all about pure unfunded sex? I’m talking about the time tertiary education wasn’t as commercial as it is right now, when we all used to get the same meals from the same cafeteria, sleep in similar accommodations, use the same bathrooms, receive the same Sacco etcetera…that ancient system was designed to put us al at the same base level albeit coming from different backgrounds.

What a glorious time when in fact girls would buy drinks to get guys drunk to take them back to their rooms for a good romp.

But it is these same O.G girls who got into the real world and figured that pasamaphweke….and alas the present day college girl generation has been influenced by this directly and evaded to structurally come to this arrangement by their own realization.

But hey! Fellas shouldn’t complain:

This is only happening because people and most particularly men are prioritizing sex in their romantic relationships.

Let it be known that women have just as much rights in demanding money and financial favours from their partners just as men feel entitled to getting some with their ladies…it’s simple quid pro quo, a zero sum game.

It is high time the original description of love finds its way back to get manifested in our ‘dog eat dog’ relationships.

Let us be with people for the right reasons, let’s not make it about sex and money always….otherwise we shouldn’t complain when such relationships start turning sour and nasty when either the dude runs out of money or the dudette is no longer sexually appealing.


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